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If you are new to Wiki editing, make sure to check the Getting Started page.
In addition, everybody should read the formatting guidelines, to ensure that content is consistent, and can be found easily.

In general, the best way to create a new page is to take the content of an existing one, pasting that into the new page, and then to edit it.


Creating a page

There are two ways of creating a new page:

Put the new page into an appropriate category, by putting a category tag at the bottom of the page (e.g. [[Category:Some_Category_Name]]).
Also, be aware that any spaces in the name will automatically be converted into underscores.

More info on page creation at the MediaWiki site.

Creating a category

Before creating a new category, please read the respective guidelines, and make sure that the new category will fit into the overall structure!

A category page is just like any other page, except that its name starts with "Category:".
So, the two ways of creating a new category are identical to the ways described above, to create a regular page:

When pages or sub-categories are displayed in the interactive category tree, any prefixes are normally suppressed (i.e. a page named "VBS2 Editor" will only be listed as "Editor").
To define a specific label that should be shown instead (which will also be used to sort the entries), a key can be added to the category tag, in the following manner:

More info on categories here.

Deleting a page

Only sysops can delete pages.
To mark a page for deletion, use the deletion template, e.g. replace the page's content with {{Delete|page is obsolete}}.

Finding links

To see the parent category an article is in, click on the category link at the bottom of the page.
To find out which pages are linking directly to the current page or category, click on the "What links here" link in the menu on the left.

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