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Before editing content on this Wiki, please familiarize yourself with the basic guidelines.

Editing a page

To edit an existing page, click on the "Edit" tab in the upper right.
If this tab doesn't exist, then you are not adequately authorized, and you may want to contact a sysop.

Basic formatting

Above the edit window, there is a toolbar, to allow quick formatting.
For most formatting features you select the appropriate text first, and then click a formatting button (e.g. select a word, and then press the B button, to make it bold).

Alternatively, Wiki markup can be used to format content manually.
Listed below are some of the common uses:

Unordered Lists (preceded by a bullet): Start line with asterisk (*)

* List Item 1   turns into:  • List Item 1
* List Item 2   turns into:  • List Item 2

Ordered Lists (preceded by a number): Start line with pound symbol (#)

# List Item 1   turns into:  1. List Item 1
# List Item 2   turns into:  2. List Item 2
Monospaced, framed text: Start the line with an empty character
'''Unformatted, framed text''': Enclose in <pre>...</pre> tags


Larger pages should be broken up into different sections. This helps readability and the creation of a table of contents.
To start a section, enclose the title with one or more equal signs.

=Main section #1=
... subsections have more equal signs:
==Subsection one==
==Subsection two==
... back to the next main section
=Main section #2=
... etc.


To add a note to a command description (which will appear at the bottom of the page), open the page for editing, and scroll down to the section that is marked by <!-- Note Section BEGIN --> ... <!-- Note Section END -->.

In between these markers add your comment, using the following syntax, with the appropriate date and username:
<!-- Note Section BEGIN -->

<dd class="notedate">Posted on Jan 10, 2010
<dt class="note">'''[[User:JoeSchmoe|JoeSchmoe]]'''
<dd class="note">My valuable comment...

<!-- Note Section END -->

If the section already contains notes, add yours above the existing ones.


Every page should be put into an appropriate category, to make locating it easier.
To put an article in a category, place a link like in the one below at the bottom of the article.



Links to other wiki pages only need the page name, enclosed in double brackets:

Creating new content

To create new pages or categories, please refer to this page.

More information



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